New Richmond Schools recognizes its quick-thinking athletic trainer

October 14, 2020

Submitted by New Richmond Schools.

The New Richmond Board of Education recognized NRHS athletic trainer Kari Boehmker with a Leading Lion Award.

Calm and professional is how New Richmond High School Athletic Director Doug Foote described athletic trainer Kari Boehmker as he introduced her to the Board of Education for a Leading Lion Award.

The award was in recognition of Boehmker’s response to two medical situations during a game day in late August. If not for her quick thinking and actions, what started out as a great day could have quickly turned disastrous, Foote explained.

The first medical situation of the day involved an athlete with a dislocated elbow, he said. Mrs. Boehmker responded quickly and repaired the injured athlete.

The second situation occurred at the game’s end.

“Everybody was leaving, we thought we were going to get home early,” Foote said. Then a young man who has asthma started having difficulty breathing. Even after using his inhaler, his breathing grew increasingly labored so he laid down on the track. By then, a crowd had gathered and was watching the situation unfold.

As coaches called 9-1-1, Boehmker was reassuring as she tended to the athlete. With the athlete’s pulse undetectable, Boehmker grabbed the portable AED machine and attached it, Foote said. It detected a pulse so no shock was administered. Boehmker tended to the athlete until medics arrived.

Boehmker has been with the district for six years through Mercy Health/Wellington. “We are so fortunate to have her,” Foote said.

Superintendent Tracey Miller noted that if not for the actions of Boehmker, the situation could have been very bad.

“I feel good having you here,” he said. “I would feel safe having my kids be here and under your care.”

Boehmaker said she’s usually someone who quietly works behind the scenes and likes it that way. She thanked the Board for the recognition.