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OATA Continuing Education Program Refund Policy: 

It is hereby the policy of the OATA to reimburse the tuition cost for the State Symposium provided the following procedures are followed:
1.  A written request is made to the State Meeting Planner within 30 days from the conclusion of State Symposium.
2.  All refund payments will be made at the discretion of the State Meeting Planner.
3.  A processing fee may be charged for not more than 33% of the cost of tuition.  Banquet tickets will not be reimbursed.
4.  All refunds will occur after the conclusion of the State Symposium with an accounting of the refunds made to the OATA Treasurer.

OATA reserves the right to cancel Thursday night workshops due to low enrollment. You will be notified approximately one week before the symposium if there are any changes.

General Disclaimer

By registering for the OATA Annual Meeting and Clinical Symposium you grant the OATA the right to use my photos taken during the meeting that might include my image for any advertising, trade or commercial purposes.

CEU Form 

According to BOC 2016 Standards each participant will be awarded documentation to verify participation in and completion of this CEU activity at the conclusion of the event.  This certificate will be provided via email or in person at the conclusion of the State Meeting and Clinical Symposium.  If an additional copy of the CEU form is needed, the request should be provided in writing to the state meeting planner or the registration chair.  A $15 fee will be assessed for additional copies of the form(s).

Non-Discrimination Statement

The Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sec, disability, military status, sexual orientation or age.  The Ohio Athletic Trainers’ Association is committed to accessibility and non-discrimination in all aspects of its continuing education activities.  Participants who have special needs are encouraged to contact program organizers so that all reasonable efforts to accommodate these needs can be made.

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