OATAPAC Leadership

The purpose of the OATA Political Action Committee to support legislators and candidates who support the mission, vision and values of the OATA and its members. The PAC and its members can be a valued resource to legislators as it relates to healthcare and sports safety issues. In addition, the support of these candidates may also be through financial contributions, as well as members volunteering their time to aid a candidate. 

The OATAPAC is currently accepting donations via snail mail and PayPal. Please fill out the form located HERE and mail in with your donation, or click the "Donate" button below.

We are now accepting donations via PayPal:  

OATAPAC Leadership
OATAPAC Board Members
Hollie Kozak

e-mail: kozakh@summahealth.org
OATAPAC Board Members

Michael Medich

e-mail: medich10@gmail.com
OATAPAC Board Members

Debra A Walko
Lake Health

e-mail: Deb.WalkoAT@gmail.com
OATAPAC Board Members

Michael Willets

e-mail: mwillets@woh.rr.com



For more information about the OATApac please contact pac_treasurer@oata.org.

Thank you!