Executive Committee

OATA 2017-2018 District Highlights

Remember to reach out to your District Reps to share all of the good things being done in your district!


officers of the oata

To view a list of our members who have previously served in leadership to our organization click here.

Past President

John Smith

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Siobhan Fagan

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President Elect

Brian Huck

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Vice-President for Governmental Affairs

Michael Medich

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Vice-President for Association Affairs

Dave Rauch

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Ryan Weible

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Katherene LaRue-Martin

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District Board Chair

Thomas Lane

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Northwest Rep
Danielle Coppes

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Northeast Rep

Renee DeSalvo

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Southwest Rep

Dominique Starr

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Southeast Rep

Brooke Daniell

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Central Rep

Vince O'Brien

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East Rep

Steven Shroyer
e-mail: [email protected] 
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Professional/At large Rep

Elisabeth Martin

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Student Senator

Rachel Reinhart

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Laura Harris

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